Friday, February 17, 2017

Faith in Knowing

 I sometimes wonder if anybody reads these ha ha. I guess even if nobody does it's a great resource for myself.  It's kind of a nerve racking thing to open up, to think about how others might be judging me or how their opinion about me might be.  But I get a tiny bit of excitement in knowing maybe, just maybe, my thoughts I share might have a positive affect on another person.  


I've found a lot of peace, comfort and knowledge in this simple yet profound sentence which happens to come from one of my favorite hymns.  Not just in the words alone, but in practicing exactly what it's saying-to be still.  We have never really done the "family motto" each year thing,  but this has quickly become something I've implemented into our home, and I love having it displayed where we see it constantly.  


As we nourish our faith, and as we continue to put our faith into action our faith becomes knowledge and our knowledge becomes our strength.  There are things I don't know and don't understand pertaining to the gospel, but there are plenty things I DO know, and I cling to those and have faith that more knowledge will come to me as I stay true to what I know.  But that's the thing when it comes to faith and wanting to know.  We can want to know something, and want to have that testimony, but it will be in the Lords timing that we will know.  Sometimes having faith in what we've been taught is true, studying it, praying about it, regardless of if we receive knowledge of its truthfulness for ourselves or not, is what He needs us to do.  We don't have all the answers, but He does, and we need to have faith in Him.  He doesn't sit there not answering our prayers.  He doesn't refuse to speak to us when we so desperately want to hear an answer.  He speaks, but we need to be able to hear Him, to be still, and align our will with His.  


 The gospel of Jesus Christ is so sweet.  The love our Savior has for each of us is so breathtakingly beautiful and humbling.  We live in a "natural mans" world, but we are ALL spirit children of a HEAVENLY Father.  We worry about being different.  We fear being different will bring us down and make us unpopular among our peers.  When in reality being different and standing out is exactly what makes us unique, special and others see that and they deep down admire it and look up to it.  When I look back on my high school days I don't remember the popular crowds.  I remember those individual people who radiated what it meant to be a disciple of Christ.  It's true; we sometimes don't know the impact we're having on other individuals.  But when we strive to live differently, seek higher ground and be more than what our natural man wants us to be we will find truths and comfort in all things.  

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