Monday, February 13, 2017

Be Still, my Soul


You know how when you see a movie or tv show or read a book that is just so good and you want to share it with everyone?  Well, that's how I feel about the Gospel.  

Now, I'm not making you read this.  I'm not making anybody read this.  You are an adult.  You can make your own decisions about what you do or don't do.  With that being said, I love to share what I know and what I love.  Why wouldn't I, or anybody for that matter, not want to share what helps make them happy!?  I want everybody to feel happy and loved and know the pure joy that can cultivate their own lives! 

People will find their testimonies at different stages in their lives.  Some have that 'one moment' where they just KNOW.  I think for most however it happens over time.  Some go through life believing and go along with it, but overtime as they nourish that belief, that belief becomes knowledge.  I think a major component of gaining that unshakeable testimony also comes from having faith.  Knowing that Heavenly Father WILL give you those answers when you've studied, pondered, prayed and really really desire that knowledge. Remember it's not always about speaking and asking.  As we are growing our testimony in the Gospel we have to learn to be still.  We need to learn how the Holy Ghost speaks to us.  We need to recognize the Lords hand in our lives.  I think a key component in prayer is learning how to hear that still small voice, because it really is always there, and sometimes, just as we bow our heads to pray at all hours of the day, He too can speak to us at all hours of the day.  As we become more in tune with that voice we can be in constant communication with Him, and we can go through life with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  

Pray to know how He communicates with you.  Communicate with Him and He will communicate with you.  Be still and know.  Know that He loves you.  Know that He knows you're trying.  Know that He wants you to have the knowledge you desire.  He wants you to have all the blessings He has planned for you.  He loves YOU.

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