Sunday, May 8, 2016

To the mom who feels inadequate

So it's Mothers Day.  A day to celebrate Motherhood.  Celebrations are usually all about things that are happy and joyous, right?  But isn't motherhood sometimes the complete opposite?  Don't we all feel inadequate at times, if we're being honest, most of us often feel that way more often than not.  Motherhood is h.a.r.d!

When you and your significant other make the life changing choice to have children you don't really take into thought the amount of emotional strength it takes to raise a tiny person.  You don't really think about the mental strength it'll take to care for a sick infant or the physical strength it takes to keep waking up with a toddler who wakes up and wants to sleep with mom and dad.  You don't think about the countless times you'll say no or stop or will you just be quiet for two seconds.  No you don't think of those things because you only think of holding a tiny little sweet baby.  Which is how it should be.  Because, honestly, I think there'd be a lot less babies being born if we all knew all of what raising babies into adults truly looked like.  

With that being said, even knowing all of the hard times, struggles, worries, anxieties etc that comes with being a mom I wouldn't go back and change a single thing.  If I knew what I know now, before I had children, I'd still do it.  In a heartbeat.  Because being a mom brings so much more than feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.  Being a mom brings happiness and love you can not even explain unless you've experienced it yourself.  

Today I've washed my five year old sheets, because he had too much water before bed last night and had an accident.  "Whaaaa?! Your five year old still wets the bed?!"  Yep.  Once in a blue moon he will wet his bed if we give him too much water before bed.  And yes, my three year old has been potty trained for three months now but still won't poop on the toilet. 💩 But guess what?  Every child is different.  Every child takes life at his or her own pace.  That is OK!  It's when we start to think that we're not a good enough mother, because our children aren't like somebody else's when that's not okay.  That's when problems arise.  That's when we feel inadequate. That's where we need to stop.  

Your children are yours.  They are who they are because their Heavenly Father created them that way. You are their mother because that's how God wanted it to be.  They are your children because they need YOU and you need them!  

My boys have made me a better version of me.  Our days aren't filled with play dates, arts galore, trips to the park, shopping, lunch dates, reading for we do those things?  Yes of course we do, but not every day.  Most days we play inside, we watch cartoons, we play hot wheels, tag, hide and seek, we laugh and play in the sand box.  We spend lots of time in leggings (ok that's just me 🙌🏼) but they spend lots of time in comfy clothes or run around in their undies.  But this is our life right now.  And for the time being I'm enjoying our days together where it's just us, because, one day soon, I know it won't be that way.  

So moms, please know that you're doing an amazing job.  Your children know that. Your children see your love for them.  Hug them, tell them you love them, play with them and praise them.  They're gonna turn out to be amazing adults just like you!

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