Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The moment you say, "I do."

Growing up very much in the, what I like to call, "Mormon Box," made me very numb to anything involving intimacy.  I was probably thee most naive teenager out there.  In my religion we are given guidelines.  One of these guidelines is to save sex for marriage.  There is a lot of negativity towards intimacy all throughout your adolescence.  But then, once you're married, it's all of a sudden okay.  Now don't get me wrong, I had nothing against waiting.  Intimacy is not to be taken lightly, and I only ever wanted to share it with one person.  What I DID and still do have an issue with is all the negativity put on it while we're young.  Because of this, a lot of young girls, including myself, have a hard time creating the mentality of having sex be all of a sudden okay the night of your wedding day.  

"Uuuuuh okay, I've saved my body and hid it for this long and now all of a sudden it's okay to share it with this person?"  Sacred, beautiful, pure, oneness etc. all those words that come along with intimacy are the furthest from a woman's mind when she feels like she's doing something wrong.  How is what I've been taught to be so wrong all my life all of a sudden okay?

I wish I would've been told that intimacy/sex, whatever you would like to call it, it's good!!  It's ok to have physical attraction to someone else!  It's okay to want to be close to them, to share a bed with them, to kiss and caress them.  It's healthy!  It's natural!  It's what's supposed to be!  BUT, save those feelings for when it comes time to choose ONE person you want to share forever with!  Don't just hand your body out to every guy you "like."  Your body is special.  Your body is beautiful!  Save it for your eternal companion.

It's hard to break out of the "intimacy is bad shell."  It really is.  Intimacy in a relationship is vital.  It's far from damaging or impure.  It is human nature. It is a way of creating life.  It is sacred and beautiful.  Don't be afraid of it!


  1. Oh that makes me so sad as I never had these struggles... But it does open my eyes and gives me great insight to how I should go about teaching my kids about intimacy, especially Mia! Thanks for being so open!
    Also, to comment on your last post, I don't have a problem with those pictures! But then again, I also don't see the problem with bikinis sooooo... Ha ha! But there's definitely a different between sexy/pornish photos and fitness/looks at my progress photos. Yours are totally classy!

  2. You crack me up! Yeah the whole bikini thing is crazy to me. I've just never worn them, because I've never been confident enough. I've seen a lot of people say apostles have come out and said that we shouldn't wear them, but then never give any article or statement to back that up. I've searched it myself, and I have found nothing. There are also far more revealing one pieces than bikinis in my opinion. You just have to do what you feel is right. I doubt that's gonna be a question you have to answer to get into the highest kingdom. "Did you wear a bikini? Because if you did, weeeelll...." Ha ha.