Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Social Media Phenomenon

I am LDS.  I have been taught that our bodies are our temples.  I have been taught that we should respect our bodies and dress modestly.  

I have heard numerous times that women, girls, men, boys whomever you want to accuse, that when they post photographs on social media of themselves showing off their physical transformations it a desperate call for attention.  Before I began my own fitness lifestyle I would have whole heartedly agreed.  But now?  I think that opinion is a bit harsh.  Do I believe that some people abuse social media and post inappropriate photos?  Yes.  But that's not a place for me to judge. I don't post to get attention.  I saw a comment posted online that girls who post "fitness photos" do it because they dont get the attention they want from their significant other.  If that's the case for some, well, maybe you should get out of that relationship.  You deserve better.  For me, doing this program and being public with other women about it has made me a stronger spouse.  It has made me more comfortable within myself.  I have broken more and more out of my shell and discovered that I am beautiful.  My spouse has always filled me with emotional encouragement.  He has always told me I'm beautiful, and that I am more than attractive to him.  But it's one thing to be told that on a daily basis, and another thing to FEEL beautiful yourself.  I don't think anybody should rely solely on the compliments of others to feel beautiful. I believe a person has to feel beautiful on the inside, themselves, too. This process has helped me feel beautiful in my own skin. 

I have been thinking a lot about my fitness Instagram lately.  What' YOUR opinions on the matter?  What do YOU think about women, such as myelf, who post these photos of them stregthening their bodies and accomplishing physical goals?  I joined the "BBG Instagram Community" to hold myself accountable for continuing on my journey to have that body I've always wanted.  Many could argue, "well why not just start one, but keep it private for only you to see?"  Well, then I wouldn't have the encouragement, friendship and support from other women who are doing the same thing I'm doing.  As silly as that sounds a lot of my motivation, many times, to keep going has been the motivation I see in my fellow BBG girls.  On top of other women inpiring ME, I hope that my journey inspires OTHERS.  I want everyone who is struggling with self confidence, everyone who is struggling to be consistant with a fitness program that we all struggle.  The most important thing is to not give up!  You want change?  You have to keep going!


  1. Hi there, you came and visited me so I am here to visit you, now when I post photos of Facebook I do so not for attention but because I love my family and like to share things and photos with them, however, as the mother of three young women one of which is forever, posing and taking selfies I get that some may think she is doing it for attention but knowing her I know that is not so much the case she just likes how she looks and is a proud young woman and nothing wrong with that. I am not a looker by any stretch of the imagination but that is ok Tim loves me and he likes how I look so that is ok.

    It would be nice if you had a follow via email option that way I would come back each time you post.

    1. I love what you said! It truly depends on how the woman is using social media! Thank you for the follow by email idea! I'll get that up and running.

  2. I think it is important to be yourself. There are always going to be haters or people who don't like what you're doing. But as long as you like what you are doing that's all that matters. I think it is brave to post your pictures. You go girl!