Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More than just Mom

My sweet and precious daughter,

Do you know how much you mean to me?  

Do you really know how much you mean to me?

I know your days are long and the dishes seem to be never ending.  There is always laundry to be done. Your home is never as clean as you'd like it to be.  I know that if your child says, "mom!  I'm hungry.  Mom I want a snack!  Mom I'm thirsty!  Mom can we go somewhere?  Mom can you play with me? Mom so and so isn't sharing!!  Mom mom mom mom mooooooom!" one more time you might just snap.  

I know that sometimes you lose your cool.  Sometimes you might raise your voice a little higher than you'd like to admit.  Sometimes you cry.  Sometimes you feel very inadequate in your role as a mother.  But that's just it.  Being a mother is a role.  Now don't go thinking that I'm telling you it's okay to take this role lightly.  No no.  Your role as a mother is the most high and noble of callings.  But you see, I am a parent as well.  You are my child.  I am to protect, love and care for YOU.  And YOU are not just a mother.  

I could go on to tell you all the things you are aside from being a mother, but I want to tell you one simple thing.  You are My daughter.  No one ever has loved you more than I do.  When you feel that heavy weight on you, when you feel unappreciated or overwhelmed, please come to me.  I want nothing more than to show you who I see.  I see not only potential; I see a woman who is doing her best.  I see my daughter striving to be her best self simply so she serve those she holds the most dear.  

You are doing just fine.  But in those moments, and trust me, I know those moments come more frequent than you care to admit, but in those moments, I am here.  I will never leave your side. I love you ever so much.

Your Heavenly Father

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