Sunday, April 19, 2015

Let the words slip on by

Have you ever been with a group of people who, when your with them, you feel inferior to them?  You're sitting with them having a conversation, but the whole time you feel as if they think you're lower than they are?  Whether it's because of money status, physical appearance, age or simply just because?  I have.  And up until just recently my thought process was always that.  I nailed them as being rude, inconsiderate and judgmental.  I let myself feel belittled and, in a way, stupid.  As I was thinking about these situations I have been in and how they made me feel I switched gears a little bit. I thought, well maybe, if I had a better grasp of who I was and was more confident in who I was, maybe I wouldn't have even batted an eye.  Maybe I would have thought well the things you're saying about me are pretty childish, because really, you know nothing about me, but I am a big enough person to not let it bug me and just move on.  Because in all reality when we let things that others say about us, that are negative, get to us, we are damaging our self image of ourselves and in turn making it harder for us to really build up who we are as individuals and become our best selves.  
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