Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's alright to let your kids be "bored"

Sometimes life can be, how do you say it, well, boring.  As a mom sometimes we have those days where we do absolutely nothing.  We hang out with our kids at home.  The end.  Sometimes those days can make us feel like bad moms, especially if we're the type that are always on the go and always have our kids doing something.  It's easy to start thinking all those yucky thoughts, "am I parenting right?  Are my kids going to think I was a lousy mom?  Should I be teaching them something new?  Should I be helping my toddler learn how to read and write etc?  My kids aren't doing anything very productive today.  Am I not allowing them to reach their full potential by letting them just be bored and lazy today?"  

No.  No we're not.

These "boring" days are the days we want to remember and cherish.  Today my two year old and I were laying on the couch watching one of his favorite shows, and he just layed next to me and cuddled for a whole hour.  I tickled him, we laughed, we played and talked and just had cuddle time right there on the couch.  I laid there and remember thinking, "this is nice.  He never just lays and cuddles with me, unless he's sick, which he isn't.  I want to remember this moment forever."  It was one of those sweet bonding moments that I just loved so so much.  My phone was out of reach, in another room, and I heard it going off, people texting me, but I just let it do its thing while my son and I continued to laugh and sing and cuddle.  
Today was a very very low key day, and I'm learning that these days are okay to have.  These days are necessary, in my opinion.  I want my kids to be ones who are okay and content with just being at home.  My four year old spent so much of the day building so many different things with his legos, and I loved seeing his imagination grow.  It was then that I realized something else.  These days are productive and they are beneficial.  Kids minds grow.  Their creativity expands.  We grow together as families and strengthen our relationships.  These days are beautiful.  I want to always cherish them as they're happening, and not just as memories.  

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