Tuesday, April 14, 2015


To some of you there might not be anything special about this photograph.  To me, however, it is beautiful.  It is a photo that caught my attention; it drew me in.  The woman's smile and the beautiful arrangement of flowers just radiate beauty.  Which brings me to my point of this post.

We are all different.  Well duh, you might be thinking.  We hear this over and over again.  We're all unique and beautiful in our own ways.  But what if we don't see it?  No matter how many times or how many people tell us this- we just don't see it, we don't believe it.  Yet, we are ever so quick to believe people when they criticize us or belittle us.  We constantly worry about what others think of us, and we automatically think people talk bad about us behind our backs.  We are constantly in a state of thinking about what others think about us instead of focusing on what we think and feel about ourselves.

It is important to surround yourself with those who uplift you and inspire you.  We all need to be around people like that.  When we are around that it motivates us to do the same.  Sometimes, though, if we don't feel like we are as "perfected" as they are that's where we can run into problems too.  I use the word "perfected" very lightly in a sense that we tend to hold those who we see as examples on a higher pedestal than we do ourselves.  We can start to compare ourselves to them, and we can start feeling like we aren't good enough to be around them, and then we can start the process of thinking they think less of us, because we aren't as good as them...and it's almost as if it's a losing battle.  

That's why I personally feel it's so important for us to find things we love.  We need to feed our hearts and souls with things that make us smile and laugh and feel good about ourselves.  We need to find outlets where we feel we are talented in and passionate about.  An even greater thing we can do for ourselves is think more of what our Heavenly Father thinks of us.  He is the one that created us.  He sat down and told us each the remarkable things we could accomplish when we came to this earth.  He took our hand, looked us straight in the eye and told us, each individually, of all our many talents, strengths and everything that He did that made us uniquely beautiful in His eyes.  And seeing that the natural man is an enemy to God it's no wonder why not everybody thinks we are "beautiful."  What's important is that we think we are beautiful, inside and out.

As we continue to "perfect" ourselves into the person we love we will find that we aren't comparing ourselves to those we love and look up to, we are comparing ourselves to the person we were yesterday.  We won't even think about what others might be saying behind our backs.  We will simply be striving to become a good person who lives life, loves life and makes those around us feel good about themselves.  We will be a person who when others are around us they leave a little bit happier.  We will slowly become that mentor and role model to somebody else.  

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