Thursday, July 3, 2014

He knows your heart

I will be first to admit, it is hard waiting for Heavenly Father to answer our prayers.  Especially when what we are praying for is righteous and something we really want.  I'm learning right now that sometimes if we are "close to home" we will realize that He is answering our prayers the very moment we speak to Him.  No, it's not a set and solid answer all at once, but in small and simple ways He helps us and strengthens us in our endeavors as we continue seeking His answer through prayer.  

Often times, at least for me, when I don't receive an answer as fast as I'd like, I start to fear.  I fear that His answer is no.  I fear that my want is not His want for me.  But in all reality prayer is a process.  It's hard being in the "in between."  The conversing back and forth...the doubt, the fear, the ups and downs that come in wondering and waiting and pondering and seeking.  The thing is, there always comes an answer.  And when that answer comes, we will know.  Our heart and mind will feel at peace and happy.  A wise woman, aka my mama, said, "He knows your heart." At this time, right now, those four words, those four simple words, comforted me and brought peace and comfort to me.  

Just like when we grew up as a child with our earthly parents and what we wanted didn't match what they wanted for us; we obeyed them and in the end we were happy.  When we have faith in Him we are okay with whatever answer comes our way.  In the end everything always works out.  

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  1. The hardest concept for me to learn is that even when he answers no he is still answering your prayers. At times when I feel that no, I feel like I have been left completely alone or that he has forgot about me. I have had to realize that even a no is an answer. But I have noticed when ever he does give me a no, he always gives me other blessings that are just as wonderful as what I was asking for.