Wednesday, June 4, 2014

staying calm during the chaos

I am so excited to have Courtney over here to do a guest post.
Courtney is such a firecracker.
I love her outgoing yet sweet and reserved personality.
She is seriously one of the cutest and fun-loving mama's I've met.
I've had the privlige of hanging out with Courtney outside of the blogging world
and seriously she is who she is.  You aint getting anything but genuinality from her on her blog.
Is that even a word?  Genuinality?  Well it is now!
Without further ado....Miss Courtney!

I feel so honored that Haili asked me,
me, to guest post considering how beautiful and inspirational her blog is! She has such a good heart and more kindness than I've seen in a long time. She makes me want to be better :)
Anyway,  I'd like to quickly introduce myself. I'm Courtney and I blog at From Here to Eternity
. I have been married to Eric for 6 years and we have a precious daughter, almost 18 months old, named Mia. To be honest, we are completely and totally obsessed with her! She is the happiest part of our lives and we are continually in awe that she is ours :) It's cheesy but it's true!

Haili asked if we ever lose patience with Mia and how we handle it if so. I'll be honest, we don't find ourselves losing patience very often because Mia is one well behaved kid!! In fact, she's so great that we are scared to death to have another one, because there's no way we will get this lucky twice in a row, and we don't really know how to deal with a needy child, or one who doesn't listen, etc. I suppose we will just take it one day at a time when the time comes :) But back to Mia... I have found that the times I lose my patience is when I am tired, or when I am trying to get something accomplished and she becomes needy for seemingly no reason at all. So how do we deal?

Eric and I take our sleep very seriously, ha! We are pretty strict about getting to bed early enough since my husband has to get up so early for work, and Mia is an early alarm clock on the days he has off. Keeping well rested helps lower our stress levels immensly, which helps us be more patient parents. The times we are exhausted and frustrated, we trade off dealing with Mia. Or if I'm home alone with Mia, I drop everything and turn on a movie. Mia is in heaven watching a show and I obviously needed the down time so it's great for me to recoup. Plus, who can stay mad while getting sweet cuddles??

I feel like I'm failing when it comes to staying calm and patient for Mia when I'm trying to get dinner cooked by a certain time, finish getting ready for the day because we have somewhere to be by a certain time, or getting the house cleaned before having company over. I thought those were the times that Mia became extremely needy but really, those are the times I have no patience for her to need me instead of entertaining herself. I am still learning how I can make life easier on me so that I'm not taking out my frustrations on my child who just wants her momma. The only solutions I've come up with so far is to start my tasks earlier to avoid rushing or running late. When I have more time on the clock, it's easy peasy for me to stay calm! I'm not really sure how to work the next angle, because I've decided I need to grow more arms so that I can hold Mia when she needs me, as well as curl my hair and apply mascara... all at the same time ;) I guess the alternative is to learn how to do more things one handed if it's impossible to distract Mia!

My answers are not even close to rocket science here... it's just what works for me! The most important thing that Eric and I are constantly reminding ourselves, and each other of, is that Mia is just a baby. It's impossible to stay mad or frustrated at a baby. That's when we put ourselves in check and change our attitude, and life is much happier again :)

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