Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's OK to be happy

I don't know, but sometimes in life, I feel like I'm always fretting over something or there is just something going on that makes life so it isn't 100% perfect.  Like, I'm always living in the future...waiting for this, preparing for that, wish this or wish that...does that make any sense?  Life is going ok, and spirits are happy.  

But maybe we always feel like we shouldn't be 100% content and happy with life.  We feel like we should always be facing a trial, large or small, just something.  We think life wasn't meant to be perfect so what makes it okay to be 100% happy and satisfied with life?  Shouldn't we always be working at something to better ourselves and our lives?  Shouldn't there always be a hurdle that we need to jump?

We all face trials and struggles all the time.  Whether it's a personal struggle, family struggle, whatever the struggles may be it seems like we are always struggling with something, big or small.

I was thinking about this at the end of the day today.  I sat down after I had put my boys to bed, hung out with the Young Women, got Kaden back up since he hadn't fallen asleep yet, played with him and laughed hard with him, and then put him back to bed and thought to myself

I am happy.

Life is good.  There are things going on right now that could be stressing me out.  There were moments today where there was whining, crying and tired babies...but today, today none of it seemed to get on my nerves.  Today I didn't feel at all impatient or short with anybody.  Today I saw my life, saw the people in my life and said to myself you know what, 

"it's OK to be happy."


  1. I went through every single emotion you are describing and so has every other not feel guilty. that is what satan wants you to feel. he doesn't want you be successful and the best way for that to happen is to start with your thoughts. I promise you that if you clean your house once or twice a week and if you feed your babies enough food so that they don't die, and if you tell them at least 10 times a day that you love them, they will know it.....if you yell, then tell them you are sorry..thats all they need....if you snap, then give them a cookie and a hug...they will understand....TAKE A NAP WHILE THEY ARE SLEEPING..... getting enough sleep really really helps.....and lastly, call your mom and she will tell you that you are amazing and that you are doing a wonderful job as a mommy...she will say that you are normal and that every single woman in the world feels exactly like you do, wondering if she is doing a good enough have a cookie.....

  2. I love what anonymous said above her comment made me smile. Your blogpost is exactly how I've been feeling lately. For over a year, I was so used to living a life full of stress and bad news that it was hard to ever feel happy. Now that our little boy is here, I feel nothing but pure happiness daily. The weird thing is, I now have two friends who are going through some REALLY hard times. I can now be there for them like they were for me.

    1. "Anonymous" is my mom. Haha. I love when quiet questions are answered like that. You wonder why you go through a certain trial, and then once you overcome it you are able to help somebody else simply and only because you WENT through what they are going through. A sweet and tender mercy.