Tuesday, June 10, 2014

eShakti review: I am obsessed.

First of all, can I just say how excited I was when eShakti emailed me asking ME to review their product for them?!  
It was almost like I was dreaming.
I LOVE all of their clothing.
I find myself often just "window shopping" on their site.  
Everything is so fun, feminine and just pretty!

I chose this red dress because, let's face it, my wardrobe needed some color 
when it came to my dress/skirt stash.
I got compliments galore when I wore this dress!!

The only con to this particular dress was the zipper placement.
It was on the side and it sort of awkwardly stuck out.
It wasn't noticeable to anybody or anything, and it didn't bug me but
it would have been nice to have it hidden a bit more.

I especially love that I was able to give my own measurments to them and they custom fit my dress to my body.  
Let me tell you....
finding things that fit my small frame is not an easy task.
So to have a dress that was especially made for me was such a treat.

I am already drooling over eShakti's Coral Crush line.
I want my hands on THISTHISTHIS, and THIS
I want all of them!

The fabric used on my dress was so lightweight and breathable.
I was definetly loving that seeing I live in Southern Utah where somehow it's okay to be 100 degrees already!

Pardon my awkwardness...
I need to work on poses and the wind needs to stop blowing 24/7 where I live..
Then maybe my photos would start turning out better!

eShakti has been so kind as to offer YOU readers a little discount!!
Head on over to their site and enter the code "lovelies" at checkout to get 10% off!
valid now through July 3, 2014


  1. so feminine......and such a great fit.
    I love the color, its such a perfect red.
    I would like to see it with a white t shirt too.........
    you look so cute in it........I so glad you got to have this experience

  2. You are so adorable, and so is this dress! I'm seriously off to give eShakti another look right now.