Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If I had one wish then it would be....

to have enough moolah for one of these. ;)

Seriously though.
Lately I have been loving obsessed with taking photographs.
I can't put my phone down, because I am always snapping shots.
I've been messing around with different angles too.
It's amazing how different and more lively a photo can be when you shoot from different angles.
It's almost as if the same photo can tell several different stories.
I love it.  I love having these moments with my kiddos to remember.
This evening Corbin and I went outside to play in the pool for a little bit, and I went to grab my phone.
Then I decided not to.
Though I do love capturing all these moments I need to remember that it's also important to just
enjoy the moment
without feeling the need to record it.
But I want one of these bad boys again. 
I want to get back to photography for others.
Dream big, right?


  1. I hardly ever use my DSLR camera anymore. Honestly if the lighting is right and the composition is right you can totally shoot with your iphone.

  2. I know! The camera on my phone is kind of my best friend. And I completely agree about how one photo can tell a few stories depending on what angle you shoot it at. I love love love capturing my baby's chubby legs while they still look like baby legs! (Even though she's well on her way to toddlerhood. (Tear.))