Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beautifully flawed

My sweet mama commented on my last post about being in a blog funk.  She had a great idea that another one of my blogger friends has already kind of started.

Eryka Ann over at ABCDE the blog started a hashtag on instagram where she invited all moms to take candid real life photos of those raw and real moments.  I love this idea! I do love all the lovely photos that surface on blogs and social media, but often times I feel all these perfect moments, make us as women, begin to feel very inadequate and pressured in a way to strive for complete perfection.  We beat ourselves up and we hurt our own self confidence and self worth almost not even knowing it at first.  Social media is a great source of great things, but if we are constantly viewing perfection...that's what we are going to chase after and we're going to continuously feel overwhelmed and not enough.

So I will be starting a link up, once a week, where we share our beautifully flawed real life moments.  I hope that you all will join and link up as well.  I want this link up to be one where all of us moms might find a common ground in knowing we aren't perfect.  We all have those days where we stay in our pjs, our kids have cereal for dinner, clean clothes stay in a pile on the floor for days because we're just too tired to put them away and our children are just on one.  We all need each other.  I'm hoping with being able to read real life moments of each others lives we will grow a new found confidence in ourselves knowing we are not alone!

Oh how lovely


  1. and I will come on once a week and make positive comments about the flawed pics and the crazy days y'all have.........I give gramma advice if you want some.......