Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beautifully flawed take off

Too much television.
How much television your child should watch seems to be a very popular debate in mommy world.
I know I have struggled with this question, still do.
How much TV, if any, are you going to allow your child to watch?

With all the mommy blogs and pinterest ideas we see everyday it's easy to get caught up in it all.
It's easy to fall into the trap of

"if you're not taking your kids some place new every day
or doing something new every day you're a failure."

I'll be completely honest.
I love being 100% involved in doing new things with my children every day. 
I would be one of those moms.
TV time almost always comes with boredom.
I don't know what to do all day long with my kids. 
And not having a vehicle to take them places doesn't help either.

I think if you're involved, exploring, playing and reading with your children more than not 
it's way more than okay to have some TV time here and there.
We don't have cable, only netflix, but my boys have some favorite shows on there.
And I love watching their little faces when they are watching their shows.
So I see nothing wrong in letting them watch some TV.

So what do you moms do all day with your kids?
I suppose it's different for you moms with older kids because there is school, sports etc.
My babies are still babies.  Not even two and almost four.



  1. I swore that I wasn't ever going to let Mia watch tv (ha ha) but now that Mia is actually interested in it, it's saved me more than once! I have found that putting on a show while I'm cooking dinner is a huge lifesaver because that's when Mia suddenly becomes ultra needy and begs for whatever I'm cooking! I haven't mastered cooking one handed so a show is the perfect distraction until my hands are free again. Annnnnd the mornings that Mia wakes up ridiculously early? I pull up netflix on my phone and let her watch it in bed with me... which usually gives me another 10-20 minutes to just lay there, ha!
    You are a GOOD mom!! Don't let yourself feel down by seeing all the activities others are up to. It's impossible for everyone to have these adventures every single day of their children's lives. And I bet you MONEY that when they or their kids are sick? They totally have the tv running all day ;)

    p.s. I'm sooooo sorry I haven't sent you my post yet. I have no excuses, I'm just lame. But Eric works this weekend so I promise to bust out a post during one of Mia's naps!!

  2. i always feel like a bad mom for the reasons of social media, but i let evie watch a show daily (unless there are the busy/not frequent days where we aren't home much). i have the problem of boredom too. she usually gets sick of them about halfway through anyways, but it gives us both a few minutes to relax. so hey! whatever works :)