Friday, April 4, 2014

Stand up for what you know is right...

....even when you're standing alone.

I'm sort of obsessing over this quote lately.  I absolutely love it.  I also ran into a situation today where I felt maybe I'm too forward sometimes.  You see, I used to be afraid to share my feelings and deep deep love for the Gospel publicly.  I knew what I believed and I felt that because I knew what I believe was true, and my Heavenly Father knew my testimony, that was good enough.  But lately I've read and listened to talks, one actually given by my husband, about being a missionary and sharing what you know.  Often times we're scared to pray for missionary experiences, because we fear that if that prayer is answered and we do find ourselves in a situation where we are able to share a little bit about the Gospel, we won't know what to say.  However, we are promised that if we do pray for these experiences that He will help us to know what to say in that moment.  Well recently I experienced a small missionary experience.  I invited a friend to the Womens Conference and to my surprise she said she would love to go with me.  Last minute something came up and she couldn't go.  So I told her about general conference this weekend, and she could tune in and watch a little from her own home, if she would like too.  She was very sweet and kind and said thank you for letting her know.  Now, I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with this response.  She didn't shut me down or tell me to just stop it.  Why did I feel like I shouldn't have even opened my mouth then?  Shouldn't I feel good about putting the invitation out there?  Maybe it's just because I was hoping for a more active response?  I don't know.  All I know is that can't stop me from still opening up and speaking out.  

This weekend is going to be fabulous.  I am absolutely so excited to have a weekend packed full of conference talks and inspired messages.  

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