Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Something to give

I sometimes get in these moods where I just want to delete everything.  Facebook I deleted over six months ago and that was a wonderful step.  Today I had a moment where I just felt like deleting everything instagram, blogging, anything that involved being involved with other people over social media pretty much. I will admit I do enjoy reading a few beauty and fashion/style blogs.  However, most of the time I just think, "man..I don't have the cash to just go buy a ton of new outfits or new make-up."  Sure I think these girls look gorgeous and I drool over some of their outfits and oooooh and aaaaaa over their new make up, but I can't just go out and buy the stuff.  I've thought about doing a haul video mommy style. haha.  Because my trips to the store don't involve buying shoes, clothes and involves diapers, wipes, goldfish crackers, toilet paper etc.  But really blogging is such a great community.  My favorite blogs are the emotional tug at your heart blogs, advice, lifestyle and mommy blogs.  I love being uplifted by other women.  I love hearing their perspective on life, marriage, children anything.  My absolute all time #1 favorite blogger would hands down be Casey over at THE WIEGANDS.  She has the most incredible way with words and the photos she captures of her family are so pure and so breathtaking. My other daily reads are Erica from LET WHY LEAD, Courtney from ERIC AND COURTNEY and Karina from MR. AND MRS. POWELL.  These three ladies I just adore.  

This wasn't to hate on fashion bloggers...because like I said, I really do enjoy reading them, it's fun, fashion is something I love, make up is something I love, and like I said in my last post, the things you love make you who you are.  So I may do a fashion post or a make up post one day...WHO KNOWS!  I'm just trying to say I had a moment today where those types of things seemed so uninportant to me.  Then I reminded myself that those things are what those bloggers love, and what they love makes them who they are!  Some express themselves through fashion, some by their make up, others by their words.  Some people express themselves by all three, but most have their strengths and most have the one where they are more passionate about.  Some people take great blog photos, some people capture their children in moments like it's a piece of cake.  We all have our own talents...we all have something to give...


  1. I have the same thoughts almost daily! I contemplate deleting everything all the time, but I never do! I get sucked back in every time haha My favorite blogs are also just every day family blogs. It's kind of inspiring to me!

  2. I think we allllll have these moments! I won't even delete my blog or IG because of the documentation of Mia's life, but I am tempted to go private all the time. But the love and inspiration I (we) receive from social media is amazing!