Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So many spirits need to be lifted

I was in the middle of reading a few blogs.  I would read one and get a puzzle piece of an idea, and then I'd read another and get another piece of the puzzle and so it went.  I stopped reading in the middle of one of the blogs I was reading and had to come here and write down some jumbled thoughts that may some day mean and be something.

I am so passionate about the Gospel.  It truly makes my heart so happy to know so many people believe in God and know that there is indeed somebody out there who truly knows and loves them.  It is so important to have that to cling to.  But the fullness of it all...the truth behind all that love and goodness comes where my testimony lies.  I am a daughter of God.  I have this wonderful example of the kind of person I should be as my very own brother, my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have Prophets and apostles to listen to for guidance; their words are His words and their voice is His voice.  My heart deepens every time I read my scriptures, say my prayers, go to church.  Every time I am a little more kind in my actions and words my love for others grows.  I say this a lot, but, my heart is so so full.

Lately it seems like a lot of the bloggers that I have grown to love over the years, or bloggers I have just met, have been talking a lot about how God is here.  They share their raw emotions and testimonies of how He is able to change their hearts.  They are stronger than they know.  They are the ones allowing Him to come in and change their hearts, not the other way around.  Casey Wiegand and a few other bloggers just put on a beautiful event called, "Hope Spoken."  I would have loved to have attended, I am aiming to go next year.  I seriously just love Casey.  I've never been huge on meeting celebrities.  I've never gone crazy over meeting somebody, I've never even been to a concert.  Casey, I love.  Her heart, her ways she expresses herself and her pure pure love for her children just speak to me in a way I cant even explain.  She is such a great example to me, and one day I hope to have the privilege of meeting her and her sweet family.  Aaaaaanyways, what a great way to touch the hearts of so many women-to put on such an event.  To me, that would be amazing.  One day, I hope to collaborate with some amazing women and put on an event that might lift and encourage and bring others closer to God.  I think more bloggers should get together and do meaningful events such as Hope Spoken.  Not every woman, every blogger can attend one event, not everybody hears about some events, so if more of us were able to do them more lives would be touched, more hearts would be softened and more spirits could be lifted.

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