Friday, April 18, 2014

slooooow down

I want my happy Kado back...

I hate that pudge is sick.  He's been sick since Tuesday.  Nothing breaks a mama's heart more than when her baby is sick.  But, this week I've constantly reminded myself to COUNT MY BLESSINGS.  Like I said, I hate that he's sick, but there is a glorious side effect of him being sick....he wants to cuddle all the time.  I am soaking it all in.  Since he is a baby on the go 24/7 this cuddle time is priceless.  He's such a mama's boy. If Aaron is holding him, he'll be perfectly happy and content, but if he sees me, there is no contest.  He starts whining and wants me.  I kinda like it a lot.  I really hope he starts feeling better soon.  He's got a lot going for him- prayers, blessings, love and the power of faith and love.  I hope that his little body has the strength to kick this sickness in the butt SOON!

It is so easy to get going in your day to day routine.  It's easy to constantly be in "put out fires all day long" mode; to just get through the day is an accomplishment.  This week has opened my eyes.  I don't want our family life to be one of just getting by. I want to look for the good in every moment and I want to capture and record little or big things we do.  I want to be slower to dicipline and quicker to recognize the pureness of my boys little hearts.

For instance, tonight I went to the boys rooms to check on them.  Corbin was supposed to be in bed....I could have said, "Corbin you need to get in bed."  But instead, I quietly opened the door and smiled.  I went to go get my camera and came back and snapped this shot.  He cracks me up.  I wonder what our neighbors were thinking if anybody was outside and saw my little guy just standing there with the blinds closed behind him.  HA!  I quietly closed the door and just left it a tiny bit open and walked away.  I just let him look outside and do his thing until he was tired and wanted to go to bed on his own.  Poor little man has been cooped up since Tuesday because brother has been sick.  When I was watching him just stand there I thought, "awe man, poor kid.  He wants to go play outside."  Really, it broke my heart.  So tomorrow dad is going to take him out and play a lot!  

I hope that after this week I can continue to have this frame of mind.  I want to always recognize moments for their pureness and cuteness.  I want to remember to slow down and make memories not just get through the day in one piece sort of attitude.  So, thank you Kado for teaching your mama this small yet HUGE lessons this week, but I am sorry I had to learn them at your expense!  I hope that you start feeling better little guy.  I love you so so so so so so SO much!

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