Thursday, April 3, 2014

our first born.

Tonight, I relished in Corbin's baby days.  I watched some videos and died laughing because he was just the funniest, happiest little baby.  I love the age he's at right now, but I also miss those days when it was little baby Corbin.  He was our first.  Everything he did was magical.  He changed our lives.  He was my little sidekick and thought dad was the coolest thing, still does.  To go back to those days....

Even after having an early start at life, being in the NICU for three months and coming home on oxygen he was the happiest little baby I've ever met.  He's such a special little soul.  His imagination has always been huge.  He's always been so facinated with so many things and has always just been such a positive little spirit to be around.  I feel so blessed and honored to have been given this little boy.  Nobody else gets to know him like I do.  Nobody sees his heart like I do.  Heavenly Father trusted me with this amazing little boy.  I hope that I will be able to nurture his little heart to be the special, kind and loving boy he was made to be.


  1. "Nobody else gets to know him like I do. Nobody sees his heart like I do." I love that! Beautiful post.

  2. oh my goodness.......I never saw that one where he is asleep resting on his hand....haha
    I remember those days and laughing so hard at him.....but he is still the best little man and so cute and so funny.....he has the best parents and with all your love and attention he will keep his sweetness....I love you all....momma