Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marriage is more than your spouse

When you marry somebody you don't just marry them.  When you marry somebody you also become part of another family.  I always heard horror stories about in-laws.  I can whole heartedly say that I love my in-laws so much.  I don't even consider them in-laws, I consider them my family.  This is not an advice post.  This is not a post that will tell you my secrets of how to get along with your in-laws, well, simply because I don't have any secrets.  This is a post simply because I had  this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for this family of mine.  (not all are in this photo) When I married Aaron I became a part of a family of 8 kids plus all their spouses!  I've always wanted to be a part of a big family.  I feel like we all click so well, all in our own ways.  

Isn't it funny how that works?  You marry somebody and all their siblings become yours, but somehow the person you married you don't consider your brother/sister, you look at them as your husband/wife.  When in the eternal perspective of things your spouse is your brother/sister.  One day it'll all make sense...haha! 

Back to my point...
I am so grateful for my family; to be a part of this family.  I would do anything for any one of them.  They opened their hearts to me even before Aaron and I got married.  My wedding day was not one that was stressed over months before.  I didn't put every ounce of energy into making every little detail count.  I'm not saying it's bad if you do, in fact, I would've loved to have prettier and more planned photoshoots and captured moments of my wedding day, but I think I didn't really care because I had all I wanted.  We got married in the temple with our family there, and I was home...I was with Aaron.  I believe that my heart and mind were just content with reality.  Nothing too fancy or above and beyond extraordinary in extravagant decorations, party favors or photographer...just reality that I just took part in Heavenly Father's greatest gift to His children; the gift of marriage.   I feel even more blessed that He blessed me with the spouse and family that I have.


  1. You are so right! You worded this perfect. Your dress is so pretty! Happy weekend :)

  2. nothing makes me happier than to know you are happy and loved and safe, surrounded by family....I am everyday thankful to know that you love Aaron's family and that they love you......

  3. I love this! I wasn't stressed one bit on my wedding day, or the lead up to it. I was just so happy and excited to be marrying my best friend :)