Friday, April 25, 2014

Be true to your heart

Do you ever find yourself molding yourself to fit in with the crowd of people you might be around?  Do you ever say something because you think that'll make you fit in better?  Not necessarily something negative, but just something out of the ordinary, in conversation, and later you think, "man...I wonder how that made me come across as."  You start to feel almost ashamed of yourself; like you weren't being yourself, and now you don't know how that other person sees you.  When if you had just been yourself you wouldn't have to have any second guesses, because if somebody doesn't like you for who you truly are then you can't help that.  You know you are being true to yourself so you have nothing to be ashamed about.  It's their problem if they don't like you as much as they like somebody else.  

When we begin to come to know ourselves better and start living our lives just as we want to...we are able to go through life with a better perspective, more joy and a desire to strive to be positive and happy.   When we are  true to our hearts we are more of the person God designed us to be, and that is a great way to be.

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  1. don't EVER be ashamed of yourself....we have all had those moments when we do or say something that is not genuine, but its one is perfect and we go are very sweet and loving and are smart and creative and wonderful....anyone who passes a chance to be friends with you is losing out......
    I wish I lived closer to watch you be who you are......I love you very much