Sunday, April 6, 2014

American Blogger

I can not wait.

I started blogging for myself.  It was a journal of some sort when I was in Italy.  Oh how  times have changed.  Blogging has become such a source of potential power of change and of beauty.  I only have read few blogs compared to all the thousands that are out there, but each has it's own writer, there is a different heart and soul behind every blog.  Each blogger draws a different audience into it.  Each post can wreck somebody.  A single sentence or phrase can change somebody's heart.  

So many people today are searching for common ground.  Women especially are searching for a place where they can feel connected.  As women we are naturally drawn to nurturing and helping one another.  What a beautiful thing blogging is.  For some, it's easier to express our hearts through words.  Our words, our hearts are as open as we let them be.  When we put ourselves out there, when we stand up and speak out we have no idea how many lives we will eventually touch.  I personally believe hearts are healed, changed and made a little stronger every day through blogging.  I love that some bloggers have other bloggers "guest post" on their personal blog.  First of all, what an honor, especially if it's a blogger you just adore.  But most importantly, when people guest post on other blogs their voice is heard by another audience, more hearts are changed and more women become united.  Beautiful.  

Thank you Chris Wiegand for being open to the whispering of the Spirit; for following your heart and deciding to go with the making of this film.  I remember when you and your family took that leap of faith and ran with it full force.  I, am so glad you did, and soon many many others will be too.  

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