Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little bit of sparkle

I truly believe Heavenly Father places certain people into our lives for a reason.  I believe that we connect to certain people for a reason.  We choose to bond with certain people for certain reasons.  There are a lot of people in our lives, but we have the agency to choose which people we create relationships with.  The sweetest thing about this is that each relationship will have it's own uniqueness.  Each relationship will be as deep and pure as we let it be.  Those relationships that we nurture and tend to will blossom and will be forever rooted in our hearts.

The phrase, my heart hurts, seems a tad bit dramatic for this, but then again, I can't find any other words that fit how I feel about this situation.  I've had a wonderful opportunity to watch this little girl grow from being about 8 weeks old to almost turning 4 and Friday will be the last day I see her.  I almost don't even know how to wrap my feelings around this.  I'm sad.  I've cried.  I'll probably cry some more...this little girl is the sassiest-girliest-sweetest-most gorgeous-funny-loving-fun little girl ever.  I have more than enjoyed not only teaching her but more so learning from her.  We've had some fun fun times over the past few years.  We've bonded and goofed off.  She's let me cuddle her, do her hair and I've let her do mine (probably not the greatest idea...que knots and tangles, blocks tangled in my hair, etc...haha)  She's come to me when she's been sad and missed her mama and she has made me laugh sooo so much.  This girl seriously has my heart.  I'd do anything for her.  I will miss you T.  Maybe when I go up north I can take a detour and come visit you, and you better let me know when you're in town!  Love you, T more than you will ever know!!

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