Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Three Things.

(I got this photo off of pinterest, but I closed the tab before I remembered to get the link, sorry!)

Anyways, I'm getting a little excited for spring.  Okay, I'm getting A LOT excited for Spring.  I am a bit obsessing over a few things right now.  First and foremost is a DSLR camera.  I miss mine.  so much!!  I miss taking good photos.  My Iphone just isn't cutting it.  If I had the $$ I'd go out and buy me a nice Nikon.  I miss photography.  Although I didn't do very many shoots, mostly because I didn't believe in myself enough, I miss it.  I crave doing shoots.  I am constantly thinking, "oooooh that would make such a great photo!"  I'm a tad bit, I'm obsessed with having one of these bad boys again.

(Found Here....

I've never had a nice swimsuit before, you know, one that fits just right and will last you for years?  never.  I really love this swimsuit, and I've decided red is one color that really flatters me and I love polka dots so it's perfect!  

(Found here....

I am also reeeeaaaally loving this one.  There is just something about a white swimsuit that I just love.  Plus it has lace on the the top which is a favorite of mine.  So I may just like this one a tad more?  Pair it with a cute light pink bottom...SO CUTE!

Another item that I'm really wanting in my wardrobe right now that I currently only have ZERO of are spring skirts and dresses.  Just fun colorful ones I can wear to church this spring season.  Ok, I actually have one spring skirt that I wear pretty much every sunday, because I refuse to wear my black or grey dress during the sunshine season.  I won't do it. 

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