Monday, March 17, 2014

She was called Home

I have been thinking alot about a great example of mine in my life, Mandy.  My husband and I were having a conversation about people who pass from this earth life during their younger years.  Was it really because their time here on earth was complete, because they were perfect already, because they knew all they needed to know?  He brought up a great point that I never really had thought about.  People, like Mandy, who return Home so young are needed.  Just like certain people are called to specific and inspired places around the world to serve a mission.  There are certain people that those specific missionaries will come in contact with that only they will be able to get through to those in need to hear the Gospel.  There is missionary work going on in Heaven, and Heavenly Father needs specific people to come Home to teach.  Mandy was needed.  Only her spirit, her words and her example would be able to get through to certain people.  It was her time, and it was somebody else's time to hear the Gospel to come to know the truth.  Mandy was ready.  Her heart was ready.  Somebody needed her.

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