Thursday, March 6, 2014


This little man.
He is on my heart at this very moment.
He is now 13 months old.  Most parents look back and say, "time is going by too fast!"  But it really feels like it was forever ago that I gave birth to our sweet Kaden.  It seems like he has been here with us forever.  He has such an attitude.  Like, serious attitude.  He screams.  He doesn't have meltdowns, he just screams.  It's kind of funny seeing a one year old throw a tantrum instead of just a melt down.  It's new to me.  Hopefully he grows out of this....poor Corbin, he's so sweet.  He sometimes looks at Kaden like, "really bro?  It's not that big of a deal." It's hilarious.  

This little man is a mama's boy.  Hands down.  Aaron can get him laughing like nobody else, but when it comes down to it...he always wants me.  I really love it.  He always wants me to be near him, and yet he wants his independence so bad!  He tries to walk and stand, but just hasn't quite figured it out yet.  But once he gets a taste for it I just know he's going to catch on so fast.  He's already a smart one, I can tell, just like his brother.  When we go to the park if I say, "ewe Kaden, don't eat the rocks, that's yucky!"  He will chuck it.  He still has his soft spot?  Is that normal?  Aren't soft spots usually gone by 13 months?  

I was so nervous to have a second child.  
Not because I'd have two kids to take care of and love, I'm used to taking care of 20+ kids with my job, but because I was so torn as to how I was going to love another baby as much as I loved my Corbin.  I was scared I wouldn't love him as much, and he would grow up feeling less loved.  I was afraid my heart wouldn't love them equally.  I was afraid that Kaden would grow up with the insequrity of his older brother being the favorite child.  Corbin was my little man.  Oh how silly those thoughts were.  Kaden has filled up just as much as my heart as Corbin has, each in their own way.  They make my heart melt, each in their own way.

Kaden Drew you have your mama wrapped around your tiny little finger.  I love you to the moon and back pudge.

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  1. he looks so much like you honey.....what an adorable pic.......he loves you so much