Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love is made to Last

I read a post, recently, about marriage.  A post written by another mom and wife who wanted to share some feelings on the subject.  I really loved what she had to say.  There are so many opinions and people who feel they need to put in their 2 cents about marriage when you are choosing a spouse.  The one I absolutely hate the most is when Aaron and I were dating, and we'd hear adults say all the time that things change the longer your married.  That's why there are so many divorces these days, you just fall out of love.  I don't believe that.  And many may call us young married couples just still in our honeymoon stage...they'll tell us to just wait until we have been married 10+ years.  

God did not create a fallen plan.  He would not have made marriage His biggest part of the plan if it was designed to fail.  He doesn't set us up to fail!  Here, I want all my children to find a spouse and go through the temple, be married for eternity, create life and live as one but wait, there is a's not really for guys will get sick of each other and fall out of love and then get a divorce HA!  No, ok, just no.  This was not His plan.  His plan is perfect, because He is perfect.  We, we are not perfect.  We are the ones that cause divorces.  (I know there are many legit reasons for divorce abuse, infidelity major bad things can happen...but that's not what I'm talking about here.)  Because we are not perfect we make mistakes; sometimes major life changing mistakes.  

I think there is a reason why Prophets and apostles have suggested marrying your best friend.  Love isn't just the intense physical and desire to be intimate with your spouse.  Love is more than that.  Love is deeper than that.  Love is like faith; without works it's dead.  Marriage isn't always easy, just as life isn't always easy.  But we don't just give up on life, do we?  Some do, but again, not what I am talking about here.  No, we don't just give up.  We get up and try again.  Marriage can be work...and work we will do.  I work at my marriage because I love my husband.  I whole heartedly care and cherish my husband.  I care about him and his feelings.  I want him to be happy and satisfied with his life.  I want him to have satisfied relationships, not only with me and his children, but with his Heavenly Father and others he is around.  I want him to go after what he loves to do in his career and education choices.  I want to see him happy.  Yes, I am attracted to him and I want to be close to him, intimacy is so important in a marriage, but like I said, its a lot more than that.  

We just fell out of love.  
Everything he did started bugging me.  
We were becoming different people than we were when we "fell in love."

Crap.  It's all crap.  That's how I see it.  No I'm not an expert.  Yes I've only been married four years, but it hasn't been all fairy-tale like.  We have been through some hard stuff, but we've overcome them together. We have stood by each other.  When one of us have not been able to be strong, the other was.  

 I love him.  I want him.  I want to walk up to my Heavenly Father holding Aaron's hand.  I see him for everything he is and everything I know he's capable of.  I love that we are both willing to communicate and help each other.  We both want our marriage to be forever.  That's our choice.  We chose each other and we are capable of going through life together.  We're learning to put each other and our children first before ourselves, even when we want to put ourselves first, we make sure the others are taken care of.  Heavenly Father wants our marriage to last...Satan doesn't.  Satan wants us to be miserable; Heavenly Father does not.  I'm learning put more of a priority on my relationship with my Heavenly Father, because I know as Aaron and I keep that line of communication solid and open we will be blessed.  Our love and affection for one another is deepened and more real when Heavenly Father is a part of our marriage.


  1. how beautiful is my daughter? these pictures took me back to that wonderful day you were sealed in the temple...wish I could have been there with you but now I can. I am so proud of you. I knew you would be a good wife but always worried you would pick the wrong man to be your husband...I am so happy that you picked a man who has integrity and the commitment it takes to be a forever just so proud of both of you.....I love u

  2. (First of all, that comment above mine is so sweet!) Next, just wanted to say you should totally link this post up on my blog today! The linkup is super small since today is the first time, but it may send some new visitors your way, and since we're both LDS, I bet a bunch of my readers would appreciate your upbeat perspective. :) Just an idea!