Tuesday, March 4, 2014

kindness makes a difference

My friend posted this on her instagram today.  It seriously made me smile.  Where she works they have a comment box where anybody is welcome to leave comments for employees.  What a great uplifting comment somebody left for her!  She also wrote beneath the photo that she had been having a hard day.  What a great thing to read and uplift her.

We really don't know what an impact we have on others when we do something.  I know there have been several instances where I will do something nice for somebody, and think to myself, "I wonder if that even had an effect on them."  Sometimes it's discouraging.  When we don't get recognition for things we do we often wonder if our efforts even mean anything.  I'm sure they always have some sort of impact on the person, but when we are recognized for our efforts it's really encouraging.  It's a great way to  trigger people to do more kind deeds for others.  I'm not saying we always need recognition, because sometimes we often do kind things for other annonomously, like above.  But when we are recognized it's always icing on the cake.

I left this quote on a sticky note on the mirror in the public ladies room where I work.  When I finished my shift one of my coworkers had told me that several other coworkers had thanked her for writing the note.  She told them that she didn't write it, but at the time, she didn't even know who wrote it.  She asked me if I did, and I said yes.  So even though people didn't know that I was the one that wrote it, I knew it was being seen and it brightened peoples day.  

I love looking for little moments like these to uplift and inspire others.  I love seeing moments like these in action.  I love seeing more good than bad come to surface in this world.  

"Kindness is contagious, catch it." -Mandy Johnson

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