Friday, March 14, 2014

Is the grass greener

Coming back to the blogging world I've realized something I had forgotten.  Several months ago I got rid of my facebook, for good.  I've gotten rid of it before but jumped back on.  This time I got rid of it and never looked back.  Now, I'm not one of those people who think facebook is all bad.   However, I was one of those people who when I got on I would get sidetracked and end up spending far to much time on it.  I would start reading people's statuses and looking at photos of all my friends perfect lives.  I started comparing my life with others, and I would constantly wonder why my family didn't do as many fun things as other families did.  I would start feeling sorry for myself that I had to work and so many of my friends who are married and have young kids don't.  So I said bye bye to the world of facebook.  Blogging, to me, seems a little different than facebook, but those same feelings can come back.  With blogging I meet lots of awesome women.  I also come across many women whose blogs are all happy and beautiful photos of their lives are displayed on posts.  You women seem to have it all together and live these fabulous lives.  

I feel like I've grown though.  I feel like I'm mature enough to know that everybody struggles.  Even those bloggers who only share the beautiful side of their lives with us.  They struggle.  Some just choose not to dwell on those times.  Some handle their struggles better, and some just are fake.  None of us are perfect.  None of us have the perfect life and none of us are happy all the time.  We struggle so we can become better.  If we didn't struggle how would we even know happiness?  How would we know how sweet life can truly be if we didn't experience the exhausting moments?  I just think as much as those bloggers who seem to have it all together try to make it seem like their lives are perfect, I don't think they really are.  I do believe that those bloggers might just have a more mature capability to handle life's rocky roads better than I do.  And that's okay.  I'm learning.  

So if you ever feel like your life isn't as beautiful as another bloggers STOP IT.  Just stop it, now.  Heavenly Father created this beautiful world for us.  Want to know something else?  He wants each of us to be happy. He doesn't hope for some to have happy lives and others to have unhappy ones.  He places each of us in certain spots in life because He knows we can handle it.  He knows that we will become a stronger and the best version of ourselves by going through certain things.  Trust in Him.  He loves you.  

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