Monday, March 10, 2014

10 Things

So I'm linking up today with Avoiding Atrophy: 10 things I like about Myself.
I have had this concept on my mind since I first heard about this a couple days ago from my friend Lizzie.
I like it.  I was hesitant to do it at first for the reason many of us face.
We think, for some odd reason, it's bad to like things about ourselves.  Like it's a sin or something.
We think if we share things we like about ourselves with others they'll automatically think we are being petty and conceided.  But shouldn't we like things about ourselves?  Aren't we constantly seeing pins and quotes that are geared towards loving who we are, being brave, just be you etc.?  It all seems a little hypocritical.  Like, love yourself and be confident, but don't show it because then you're just being conceited.  
Well here's to sharing with each other what we like about ourselves.  Because hey, God made each of us.  So if we don't like ourselves are we telling Him he made a mistake?  Because God doesn't make mistakes.  Loving ourselves is a process, and somedays we might love ourselves more than other days, and that is okay, just as long as all in all we are glad to be who we were created to be!

1. I like that I am very good with children.  I have been blessed to work with children since I turned 16.  I've always been told by others that I have a way with children, and that I am in their world when I am around them, instead of just watching from a distance.  I feel like I connect with them on a deeper level.  I think children can sense my calmness and they are drawn to that.  They know I love them.  Since becoming a wife, I have also become a mother, and so I have been double blessed, in regards to raising children.  Not only do I help raise others children, but I get to raise my very own children.

2. I like that I can be sarcastic.  This can actually get me in to trouble sometimes, but for the most part I'm pretty smart when it comes to who I can be sarcastic with and who I can not.  I've made some fun friendships being able to joke and play.

3. I like my eyes. I hate that I have to wear glasses, because I feel like it takes away from seeing my eyes?  Nontheless, I like them.

4. I like that I am a good friend.  I take my friendships seriously, and I would do anything for my friends and family.  I am loyal and very dependable.

5. I like my passion for writing.  Writing is seriously such a great outlet, and I am grateful that I enjoy doing it.

6. I like my love for learning more about the Gospel.  I am constantly always looking for Gospel related books, articles and music to listen and read.  I love how it makes me feel happy and motivated, uplifted and empowered.

7. I like that I have a testimony of the Gospel.  It has helped me and strengthened me in more ways than I ever thought, but now am coming to realize how many times I have been softly guided in the right direction by nourishing my testimony.

8. I like that I am an outdoorsy girl.  I could live outside.  Camping is one of my all time favorites, and being out under the stars.  In young womens, back in the day, I remember a lot of the girls hating going a week without washing their hair.  I could really have cared less.  I always just looooved being out camping with my friends and feeling that spirit that was always so strong.  Girls Camp really is one of my fondest memories growing up.

(from our latest camping trip up at Kolob)

9. I like that I am silly.  

10. I like that I am a mother and wife.  Becoming these two things have seriously shaped me, and helped me grow.  I am beginning to love who I am becoming, and I don't think I'd be becoming who I am had I chosen a different path in life.

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  1. what a sweet post! this is such a good idea and a healthy idea. i would have trouble with this, honestly! not necessarily because there are things i do or don't like about myself, but more because saying them outloud and truly acknowledging them is really a struggle for me. like even if i know i'm good at something, and am happy with it, i can think it to myself, but to say it outloud, let alone share it would be so hard for me! well done on your part! it's cool that you recognize so many amazing traits in yourself.

    you have a beautiful family! :) glad to have discovered your blog!