Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paying Close Attention

I was having a conversation with our bishop the other day about the number of members in our ward. We just moved into the ward and noticed there weren't very many people compared to our last ward so I was curious. We have a membership count of 300 something members, but only 100ish show up every week! Then I asked about the Young Womens, because every Sunday I would only see a few Young Women at church. Sure enough, turned out we have about 20 young women in our ward boundaries, but less than half of that shows up on a weekly basis! When he told me that I felt sick. I really did. Young Womens changed my life. I know that sounds a bit drastic and all drama queen like, but it's true. I had a few leaders who I felt so connected to, and their testimonies guided me through my teenage years. These women molded and shaped me. They were true instruments in the Lord's hands. I needed them. So to think that there were several young women around me not having an oppurtunity to learn and be inspired by YW leaders simply because they aren't coming to church made me heartbroken. After leaving the bishops office I couldn't stop thinking about these young women. I thought about getting a list of all the young women names in my ward from the bishop and just leaving them a note on their door saying that I was new in the ward and would love to get to know you type of note. Maybe just a simple act of letting them know somebody was thinking about them and noticed them would be a nudge in the right direction to get them to come? I don't know. Then I was talking to my mom on the phone the next day telling her about what I had learned about the inactive numbers, and she suggested leaving little notes on the girls doors. (I hadn't even told her I had thought of that.) I get these ideas and think maybe their inspired, especially when somebody tells me the same thing I was thinking of. Then I push that aside and tell myself it's just a thought that I would like to do. It's not inspired and then I just work on forgetting about it. But then today I thought, "you know, if I have a good idea that has the possibility of helping somebody that isn't just random. It's inspired. It's something I should do." So my point is this. You have an idea? GO FOR IT! Have you gone for it and failed? TRY AGAIN! I think there is a reason for reoccurring thoughts and ideas. They aren't accidental. We're each where were at for a reason. We all have something to accomplish.

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