Friday, February 21, 2014

a backwards fairytale

I always hear the saying, "you should marry your best friend."  Or I always see people write below photos or say that they married their best friend.  Although I think that is awesome that a lot of people find a boy and they develop a very strong friendship before their married; I don't consider mine and Aaron's "love story" to have started out that way.

I was first attracted to Aaron when I noticed how mysterious he always seemed.  I saw him for the first time on facebook, go figure.  We weren't friends or anything so all I could see was his profile picture.  He was wearing a full on face beanie because he was in the snow.  I can't remember if he had on black sunglasses or not.  All I know is I couldn't see much of anything...haha.  It intrigued me.  When I saw him at church he would always be sitting in the back, and was usually very quiet (I guess that's a good thing, seeing he was in church! ;))  In Sunday school class he was also very quiet and kept to himself, but when he would volunteer to answer a question his answers were always very thought out and profound.

I remember when we first started dating, and we would go to the movie nights with the single ward peeps.  I felt so cool being the one that was with Aaron, like I seriously felt like the "popular chick" who got the guy all the girls wanted!  I was seriously always in awe that he liked me too!  That's another thing I loved about Aaron.  Even when we were just dating I knew that he not only reeeeeally liked me, but he really and deeply cared about me.  That was a big thing for me.

We started dating, got engaged and were married all within one short year!  I don't feel like we became each others "best friend" and got married.  I fell in love with Aaron because I really felt comfort with him.  I felt safe.  I wanted to be with him and close to him all the time.  I trusted him.  I saw my future with him, and it was almost as if new chapters of my life were beginning to come into vision.  When I look back I see so many instances, feelings, impressions that I had with Aaron, and now I see that it was the Lord telling me that Aaron was in my life for a reason.

The greatest thing about our love story is that we have and are becoming each others best friend.  He knows me way better than I know myself, and he is ever so patient with me.  Sometimes I really don't know how he puts up with me, but heaven knows I am so grateful he does.  Aaron really is the greatest blessing that I have been given.  Our children are our greatest gifts we've been given.  But to have somebody to stand with you all throughout your life, and to have somebody love you and care for you no matter what, to talk to and share things with...what a blessing that is.  I am so so so so grateful for this man.  I feel so lucky to always come home with him to our home and our children.  Love you babe!

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