Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why I am Mormon

Why are you mormon?
If you are mormon, have you ever been asked this question?
I haven't, suprisingly.  But the thought came into my head this morning during morning scripture study.
What if somebody did ask me this question?  What would I say?
I guess the biggest factor of why I am a mormon is because that is the faith/religion I was raised in.
So I guess I'm here to answer why I have chosen to stay mormon.  Since we all have our free agency, we all have our own ability and choice to choose what faith we participate in.

When I was eight I was baptized. I became an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  However, I wasn't baptized because I knew I was doing the right thing.  I wasn't baptized because I knew that what I was doing was going to mold me and shape me into a daughter who would make her Heavenly Father extremely proud.  I was eight.  The only thoughts put into being baptized done by me were, "well...I have been taught that this is what is right, so this is what I will do."  So I guess, now that I think about it, I made the concious decision to do something out of faith.  I didn't know, really, to the extent of what I was doing, but I always had been taught that it was right.  So I leaped with faith and became an official mormon.

There have been several moments in my life where I have witnessed testimonies of converts to this church.  And more often than not, after hearing these testimonies, I'm left with the thought, "man.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't born into this faith.  I wish I would have been given the oppurtunity to grow up outside of the church.  I wonder if I would choose to become a member when I became a young adult.  Would my faith and desire to know more lead me to become a member of the true church?"  
I don't ever think that anymore.
Because the truth is, I am always continuously converting myself to this gospel.
I'm learning and growing and stregthening my testimony every time I study the scriptures, pray and simply just ponder.  I don't think anybody just gains a unchangeable testimony and stops growing.  At least that's not how it works in my case.  
I've been learning the same things over and over again, every Sunday, in church and in other church related things, and yet I get something new out of them every time.  

I am a mormon because I have chosen to continue living this gospel, even outside of my childhood upbringing.  I am mormon because I love being a mormon.  

I often avoid the news, I don't like hearing all the bad that is going on in the world.  I like to keep myself away from it all.  And I've done a pretty good job at it.
However, yesterday I came across a snipet of an article about a man put into jail for threatening to shoot a mass amount of people at City Creek Mall up in Northern Utah.  Why?  Why would somebody do something like that?  Seriously, what is this world coming to?  Then it hit me.  Things like this are happening every day!  Some not as tragic, but still bad.  

This gospel, my faith in my Heavenly Father, keeps me grounded.
The comfort and safety I feel when I keep myself close to Him helps me not be scared of the bad things going on around me in this world.  His plan for me and my family keeps my sight set on what lies ahead for all those who are righteous and have faith.
If I let myself falter and think about worldly issues and what is becoming of things it's easy to lose sight, or even doubt.  That's what Satan wants.  Those thougths are not thoughts inspired by my Father in Heaven.
I know Him, and I know what He wants of me.
His love, His grace, His plan is perfect.

I am mormon because being mormon makes me happy.
I am who I am because of the way I live, and I live the way I live because it's what I know, and what makes me the best me.
I read my scriptures because I believe that they are the words which my Heavenly Father wants me to fill my mind and soul with.  I believe that by reading the words within the scriptures I am empowered with spiritual strength and protection, which is so so needed in these last days.
I am mormon because being mormon means I am that much closer to achieving what He wants me to achieve.
Being mormon guides me, protects me, builds me and molds me.

Many people look at me, at mormons in general, and think we have so many restrictions.  I don't see it that way.  We are told not to harm our bodies with drugs and alcohol.  Why would I want to partake of substances that harm me?  Some could argue, "because they taste so good and it makes you feel good."  Ok.  But after you've partaken of these substances, how do you feel?  The next day you're hung over and hating the world, and five years down the road your going in for heart surgery, fighting for your life.  So were those moments of feeling good worth your life?  I don't see this as a restriction.  I see it as a blessing.  If I hadn't of been raised a mormon or chosen to stay a mormon, who knows what morals I would've had.  I have been taught that mormons don't do drugs or drink alcohol, but that doesn't mean I will be shunned if I do.  I have free agency just like anybody else.  That is another way I know Heavenly Father loves and trusts me.  He gives me commandments but He also gives me the free agency to choose whether I follow those commandments or not.  If I choose not to, then I have consequences just like anybody else.  But, I can be forgiven.

I am mormon because being a mormon humbles me.
I see such a major difference in my attitude when I am doing all the things I know I should be doing.
When I pray, read my scriptures and keep a prayer always in my heart.
Being mormon has helped me become more selfless in my marriage.
This Gospel has taught me how to be an all around better person than who I would be without it.

I am mormon because I believe this church to be true
with all my heart.


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  2. Love that saying! one of my absolute favorite ones! xo

  3. Haili you're such an inspiration:D Glad you're my friend!