Friday, September 13, 2013

On my heart.

I don't like link ups that much.  
I've made that clear in my last post.
However, Casey over on her blog, has a link up called, "On Your Heart."
I really do love this one, because I often talk about those sorts of things here on my blog.
So it kind of just fits.

We all have our struggles.  Our weaknesses.  It wasn't until just recently I finally saw this as one of my biggest weaknesses.  Truth be told, and I really hate to admit this, but it is easy for me to see faults and weaknesses in others before I look for them within myself.  Harsh, huh?  I do see the good in people obviously, but if something goes wrong, I am very quick to blame it on the other person. I've been getting better.  Putting this weakness of mine into perspective of an actual weakness is a great step for me.  It's allowing me to see my weakness and work towards continuing to make it a strength.  Little by little it's starting to come together, slowly ever so slowly, but it's happening.  One of my biggest weaknesses is letting go.  Why is that simple concept so stinkin' hard?  You've got me.  Maybe it's because I'm a person who wears her heart, literally, right on her sleeve.  My feelings come waaaay before my brain and logical thinking kicks in. 

We were driving in the car not too long ago and I remember thinking, "hard times are hard...but I'm kind of grateful for them.  Because without them, I might not appreciate the good ones as much, and I wouldn't be becoming a better person everyday."  Something along the lines of that.  So although letting go is a huge thing for me, and it's hard, and I'm still trying to figure out what God wants me to learn from this...I'm grateful.  I'm grateful to be learning and to be leaning on others and my Heavenly Father for guidance.  

So here's to a happy list:

<>  FALL is so close I can taste it!!
<>  I get to go up north in THREE months
<>  GOOD and TRUE friends
<>  husband
<>  babies
<>  Today is Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday which means finally I get to see my husband!
<>  Chips, Seven layer bean dip and martinelles for dinner tomorrow night
<>  my brothers
<>  uplifting blogs
<>  scriptures
<>  my job

We must choose to be happy.  It's an actual choice we have to make on a daily basis.

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