Thursday, September 12, 2013

He and I and we and us.

I've read a lot of posts about "finding myself" and "marriage" lately.  The funny thing is, is that, these posts are coming from ladies who are married.  I find it ironic, because when you're married you have to work at making an "us" work and making a "you" work.  Then when you add littles into the picture you have to find out how to work you, him, us, and littles into one big picture.  At first it was easy, of course at the time you didn't think it was easy.  At first it was just you.  It was you taking impromtu girls road trips to Vegas  to just be girls.  It was you trying to find yourself, it was boys, sleepovers, watching movies in your friends backyard and jumping on the trampoline, sneaking blizzards into movie theatres, finding your best friends, prank calls and random runs to stores just to goof off in the aisles.  It was a time to be a kid.

Then it became an us.
A time where you think you need to leave all those times behind and grow up.  A time where you have the weird idea that life needs to become all about responsibilities, bills and all seriousness.  You shouldn't want to go and do things with your friends and take impromtu girls night out.  You think that if you want to do stuff like that people will think you love your husband less somehow?  Truth be told, people are different.  Some couples love to be together 24/7, and hey, if that works for them, great.  However, some couples like to have alone time, and they like to get out and do things with their friends.  I think that's pretty healthy to do in a relationship.  You had interests before you were married...those don't just dissappear because you become a wife/husband.  You should continue to do the things you love to do while doing things you both love to do together.  Find common interests and do those together as often as you can.  Build yourself while building your life with your spouse.

And then their came babies!

and life becomes the above photo.  Two little bodies fighting for your attention.  So now, you have a husband, babies and yourself.  You get married because you find someone who fills something inside that was missing.  That person, in a way, completes you.  You want to start your life together.  You want to be with that person forever.  You don't think you could possibly have more love left to give.  You thought you felt all the kinds of love there is.  Then you have kids.  BOY.  Were you wrong!  The love that your heart has once you bring kids into your  Having a family is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I saw a quote recently that said, "Dont let the things you want make you forget the things you have."  Something like that.  Love it.  As mothers/wives/women we often find ourselves comparing ourselves with one another.  And although its okay to blog, read other blogs, look up to and think another woman's life is great and's not okay to let yourself get bogged down with the idea that your life is any less wonderful.  I love reading about other peoples love story. I love keeping up with my friends and family and love seeing them happy.  However, I love my life the best.  And I hope every woman feels that way.

That's how it needs to be.

(Kaden February 3, 2013)
7 lbs 2 oz 21 in born at 12:23pm

(Corbin December 17, 2010)
2 lbs 7 oz 17 in born at 8:06pm

So grateful our family is forever sealed.
December 23, 2009.
He and I became an us.

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