Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A day in the life of...two brothers.

I've mentioned this blogger many many times.  Something I really love about CASEY is her ability to capture her family in moments in time.  It's like she freezes time for just a moment.  She takes you to her world in that second you stare at the photograph.  You can feel the emotions that were present during that moment.  I really just find myself mesmorized by her photographs.  These are just a couple I love:  AIDEN, and You are my happy

I'm not as great as she is at capturing and bringing people into my moments, BUT I'm getting better at capturing those moments that speak and make you feel emotion rather than just random photos.  Not saying random ones aren't good, because they are. 

This is Kaden.  At his finest.  Everyday. Constant mouth open. (:

(Every day the sun sets and the sunshine hits right in this spot.  Corbin always goes and stands in it and says, "Sunshine."  This face.  So random...haha)

all the pillows off the couch...onto the floor aaaaand JUMP.  Such a boy. :)

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  1. Corbin's face is 'sunshine'....he has the most genuine smile...he is just happy to be alive....kaden is growing up so fast....make him stop mommy......sweetest boys ever.....gramma is in love..........