Thursday, August 15, 2013

princesses and pirates

Out of all things....
I think of this while watching a "Jake and Sophia" song on Disney Channel with Corbin.  

Just a small thought.  When we're kids we do things simply because we want to.  We don't play with somebody because we think they are popular, we don't play princesses when we really want to play pirates for the fear of who will think we're weird and we defenitly don't worry about what people think of us when it comes to saying what's on our minds.  

So what changes?

I guess we grow up.  I'm not sure what exactly changes...I'm sure it's just what happens.  There's no real moment where we decide that what people think of us matters more than what we think about ourselves.  I think there are times when we really shouldn't say exactly what is on our minds, because lets face it, kids can say some pretty blunt things...BUT it's so cute and funny when they say it because they are just kids...there is no rudeness, really, behind it.  But I also don't think we should walk on eggshells around people instead of saying how we feel.  If you want to play pirates instead of princesses, do it.  Who cares what other people think.  My thoughts basically were...just be you, because YOU are good.

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  1. I never lost that...thats why I teach kindergarten, where I can dress up and pretend all day long. Oh and the only people I care about when it comes to what they think of me are my husband, myself and the Lord. Everyone else can take me as I am (or not be friends with me!)