Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let Go

This quote has proven to be more true than not lately.  Letting go is so hard.  Why is it so hard?  As I was thinking about this more today I realized something.  If I wasn't struggling with this right now, what would I have to work on to better myself?  I am sure something.  However, at this time in my life I need to learn something from this trial I am facing.  Next week is the week that the plane that Mandy was on crashed.  This is not what I am struggling to let go, by the way.  However, remembering the accident and remembering Mandy I'm brought back to one of my fondest lessons I learned from her.  

When you let the actions of others affect you in a way that is only causing you sadness...what good is it doing you?  The other person has no idea how you are feeling so you can't really blame them.  The only one you're hurting is yourself.  By letting yourself be sad and down by the actions of another person is probably going to happen more times than just once in your lifetime.  So you got to learn to move past it.

It's a hard thing to do.
really hard.

but it's necessary.

If you continue to let things bother you that are not in your control you'll find yourself making other problems arise in your life.  You'll find every single little thing that could be better instead and obsessing over those instead of realizing all the many blessings you really have in your life. 

After I read this quote I decided it was time to let go.
and I did.
And it felt AMAZING.  Everything started going right.
But then about a week later I grabbed a hold of the problem again and let myself start conjuring up all these thoughts in my head.  I found myself in the same spot once again. Why did I do that? I WILL pass this test!  I am determined.  So here's to once again finding a way to conquer this!  

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