Tuesday, August 13, 2013

in HIS image

So Corbin and I were driving to the store today, and I had a thought come to mind.  I told myself as it came to me that I wanted to remember it to write down some place when I got home.  Of course I forgot all about my thought.  Then when I was playing with Kaden tonight I randomly remembered it again.  that never happens.  So I thought it should definitely be written down.

There are SO many people in this world.  And we are all Gods children.  If you really stop and think about that...that's A LOT of children.  A lot of children to keep up to date on and talk to.  A lot of children to care for, to make sure their taken care of, feel loved etc.  But He can do it because he is God.  Isn't that amazing?
He molds us, sculpts us and builds us all at different paces, in different ways.  But in the end His purpose is the same, for each of us.  He wants us to become like Him.  

Some of us we are tested, tried, molded and built up to be like Him sooner than others.  Maybe that is why some of our loved ones are taken back home to Him in our young young years.  Not to say those who live a long life aren't as righteous.  We are here because we not only are still learning, growing, proving ourselves, but we are here to help others; to build them, love them and show them the goodness that our Heavenly Father wants for them.

I think this came to me because as I was thinking about how I think a lot differently than I did back when I was, say, a teenager.  If I had the thoughts and opinions I do now when I was in high school, I don't think I would have made some of the same choices.  However, I believe that's for a reason.  Because I would not trade what I have today for anything else.  I have the most amazing husband.  He is perfect for me, and I am so in love with him.  so in love.  And I have the two sweetest boys in town!  I'm growing and learning and being molded by my Father in Heaven in exactly the pace and exactness as HE wants.  I know this because I know he loves me and I feel His love and peace all around me.

Life is good.  And when you trust in Him and draw nearer unto Him, it is so much easier to see and feel the beauty all around you.

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