Friday, August 16, 2013


What does the word "home" mean to you?  Growing up, for me, home always meant that place I go to after school.  The place where I was supposed to return to after being someplace else.  The term home never had very much deep meaning to me.  I was a kid.  Well I grew up and as I was growing up the word home begun to have several different meanings.  I would hear people say

home is where the heart is.
home is where your family is.
home is where you feel comfortable, always.

So, still, to me, home has always been referred to the place where you reside with the people you love.  However, today I felt something different.  I was on my way to drop a birthday gift off for my high school best friend.  I had to drop her gift off at her parents home for her to pick up later.  As I was walking up the walkway to their front door I felt like I was going home in a way.  I spent a lot of time at my friends home with her when we were in high school.  Many many sleepovers, laughter and conversations with her wonderful parents.  They've always felt like a second family to me.  When her mom answered the door and her dad came around from out back, hugs were exchanged and we started chatting like time hadn't changed anything, at all.

So to me, home isn't just the place you create yourselves, with your own family.  Home is really, where the heart is, and the heart can be many places.

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  1. "home is whenever i'm with you!" I love that song. For me I have always thought of my home as where I grew up. Even though my family has since moved from that area, and I haven't lived there for 6 years it will always be my home...Canyon View for life baby! But that being said, in the last few months I have felt more and more like where I live now, the home I live in now is my home.