Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beautiful YOU

So I've been thinking a lot about starting something up.  Something a little new.  A little exciting.  Who knows where this will go...if it'll even go anywhere.  There are many young girls, girls of the LDS faith and girls who are not.  Our church teaches us to be missionaries wherever we may be.  Sometimes that feels overwhelming, at least for me, it feels like being a missionary where I am isn't and wont ever be as important or as impactful as being an actual missionary out in the field.  I'm learning that I can help others from where I am.  

Being a pre-teen/young teen is hard stuff.  Especially when adults look at you and tell you "your problems are microscopic.  You'll get over it.  Wait until you become an adult and have real problems."  There is one thing in that that is correct.  "You will get over it."  We all face situations that are difficult, hard times, confusing times etc...and they all come and go.  However, during those times it is easy to go the wrong way if we dont have somebody to talk to.  Somebody who cares and is there wanting to listen and lend advice, personal experiences and thoughts.  No one should ever feel like they are alone.  Every single person matters.  YOU matter.  

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