Friday, June 14, 2013

10 People Who Have Influenced Me

(even though some of these people will probably never see this...haha here we go)

My husband, Aaron

He's my rock.  My constant.  He's the person I know who is always there for me, and who has my best interest at heart.  He helps me think more logically than emotionally which is so necessary sometimes.  He's opened me up to be a better person on so many levels.

My mom, Judy

She is the strongest example I have of never giving up.  When life gets hard push through...there is always a light at the end.  She's taught me to be strong and a fighter.  She's taught me to be independent and to go after what I want.  She's always put her children first, and I admire everything she's done for us.

My boys, Corbin and Kaden

Their smiles melt me.  They are the most sweetest boys in town.  One thing I love about having babies is that they are totally devoted to me.  They love me regardless of my imperfections.  They are the light of my life.  I love watching them learn new things and their sweet sweet spirit they bring into our home.

The children I interact with at my job

These kids have taught me so much!  Regardless of the difficulties and sometimes stressful moments working with kids can bring...those moments don't last too long.  I love these children so much.  Their carefree spirits and love for life get me everytime.  The way they look up to us, as teachers, makes me want to try harder every day.  I could honestly probably name every child in our care from the roly class to the butterflies.  Each child brings something different.  They are all amazing and mean so much to me.

My best friend, Lindsay

I still remember the first time I met Lindsay.  And I knew we were destined to be BFF's for life.  ha ha.  We were inseperable in high school. She was there for me through break ups and she was there to tell me that I was dating a complete weirdo.  She's always been completely honest with me when others weren't.  We've had some great times. I have always looked up to her for her love for life, her terrible jokes, her testimony and her ability to not take life too seriously. She's more than a friend to me she's like the sister I never had.  Love her to pieces.

My best friends dad, Toby

I never really had that strong father/daughter relationship, for many reasons.  However, Toby has been a great example to me of a terrific father.  One, he raised an incredible daughter...two, he bailed me out when I got a flat tire on my way home from Aaron's house when we were dating.  He forgave me when I kicked him in the shin and gave him a bruise after he had told me to give my boyfriend a hug and say thank you after he found out I was stranded with a flat tire and showed up on scene.  He's just an overall great example of fatherhood.  He's filled somewhat of a void I never had filled.

My brothers, Andrew, Brandon and Tylor

We don't have the closest relationship, but these three boys mean a lot to me.  I know that they've always got my back and would be there for me if I really needed them.  They make me laugh and I always have a great time with them.  No matter how far apart we may live they will always be my brothers and I will always look up to them.

My young womens Leader, Melissa

I can honestly say, with no doubt in my mind, I wouldn't be where I was today without this lady.  She was my constant support and example of what true happiness can be when I was lacking it.  During my sophmore year of high school she was my biggest example of following the spirit.  I looked up to her so much.    I am so grateful that she is still apart of my life today.

An example, Mandy

I find myself sometimes thinking, "man...I'm in a bad mood.  What would Mandy do in my situation?  No joke.  I seriously do this.  Her faith and love for others is truly more genuine than I have ever seen.  Her positive attitude and love for her friends and family is something I truly look up to.

Jenny Phillips

Her music has gotten me through a lot.  One of my biggest dreams still to this day would be to audition for one of her workshops to be on her CD.  She does this every other year.  The way she puts perfect lyrics to perfect melodies is just so peaceful and brings the spirit so close to me everytime I listen to it.

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