Monday, May 6, 2013

5. Sammi

I'm in awe of this girl.
Truly am.
Every time I read one of her blog posts I sit and think, "wow. She can describe how she feels so well with words." Or I think of how awesome of a wife and mother she is. She has two of the most gorgeous children ever. I am not about to tell you that I know Sammi super well. In fact, the only things I know about her are what she says on her blog and through her photos. I knew her in high school, too but we were never friends. (She too was one of those girls who I was so terrified to talk to because I thought she was "too cool." Especially because she was on cheer and already had her core group of friends.). But being able to talk to her now I've come to realize she is so nice and down to earth. I guess that's just how high school is. Then you grow out of the state of mind where there's cheerleaders, jocks, drama etc and realize people for who they are.

Like I said, it's not like Sammi and I are BFF's, but the way she handles herself and the way she is raising her kids just is beautiful. She is going to be able to teach her kids such an important quality to have. That is how to have faith. No matter what she seems to be dealt with she handles it with such poise and faith. She takes a rough situation and finds the lesson to be learned and takes the good out of it and leaves the bad behind. Does that make sense? And that right there is something great to have and to be able to teach your children.

Something I've always loved about Sammi is her relationship with her husband. They're high school sweethearts. I've always loved their story. The way she talks about him is just beautiful. You can just tell how much she loves him. They were truly meant to be together.

So thank you, Sammi. For being an amazing example to me!

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  1. Haili, this was so so sweet. It really made my heart so happy! As i was reading it I was thinking that all of us should be doing this about you! YOU are the one that is the amazing mother! You are the one that is the greatest example to all of us! You're awesome and I'm so glad that we are friends now. (for the record though, I was on cheer- but I have always been the same sammi! I would have loved to be friends in highschool!)