Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1. Ashley from The Shine Project

There are so many women I could spotlight during this time of the year.  so many.
So I guess I'm at a loss with who to spotlight first.
The next following days, these ladies will be in no particular order.  Other than my own momma will be ON mothers day.

Ashley from The Shine Project
I'm not going to lie.  I quit reading blogs for almost a year.  Not for any reason in particular, it just happened.  Before I disappeared from the blogging world ms. Ashley's blog was one I was devoted to reading.  When I returned just a few weeks ago I found myself thinking, "I wonder what's going on with Ashley and The Shine Project..."  So I found myself reading post after post on her sweet blog.

I am so beyond excited to have read that she has two little ones of her own now.  I don't know those children's stories or how Ashley came to be their mother, but I know it wasn't by accident.  She hasn't been their mother for very long at all, but I can tell her right now that she is going to do amazing.  We all know, may times The Lord sees fit for things to happen in our lives when we think it is absolutely the wrong time.  A lot of the time we think, "really?  I can't handle this right now...there's no way.  I'm not strong enough."  Truth is, is that if the Lord has sent it your way, whatever it may be, you can handle it.  With His help of course.  Those two kids are so incredibly lucky to have Ashley as their mother, and they know that.  I hope Ashley can see that.  I hope she can know how incredibly strong and special she is.  I can only imagine how difficult it's going to be going from a full time work/business is a core part of her life to focusing all her love and attention to her two darlings.  Especially because her work requires so much focus and love for other kids who really need to feel loved and appreciated.  Now she has her own as well.  Not only all that, but a husband who is her everything and his feelings and needs matter just as much.  It's A LOT to juggle.  Tears will come.  "I can't do this. I can't take anymore...s" will come.  Sleepless nights and feeding more mouths at meal times are in the works now.  School activities and carpooling here and much to add on to an already full plate.  Ashley has so much faith, so much love and compassion.  I know she has the strength to do this.  She has the ability to find the balance between all of it; to find her priorities and organize her life that best fits her and her family.  I admire her work ethics and her ability to love so so many people.  Her heart is so big.  Her and her husband have made it so the Lord is center in their lives and home.  That is the absolute best foundation to bring kids into.  Those kids will feel so safe and loved with that alone.  I'm not worried about Ashley taking on this new adventure at all.  She is going to do such an amazing job.  Those kids have such an amazing example to look up to.            

Thank you Ashley for being such an amazing example.

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