Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have this friend, and she's really sort of special to me.  You see, we met our sophmore year of high school. I moved into her ward beginning of the year.  I didn't really see much of her at mutual because she was a hardcore soccer player and was constantly out kicking butt at games or just practice.  Anyways, I saw her mostly on Sundays and then we started talking and hanging out during school.  Sometimes afterwards and on weekends, but mostly her life was soccer. My point to this is, we were friends but it wasn't until we hadn't really spoken for probably a good year or so, not because we weren't friends, simply because I moved away and life happened, that we became really close.  She got engaged and we started talking again and she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  Then shortly after she was there for my wedding.  Then a really big trial and heartbreak happened and we became even closer.  We had established a friendship where we knew we had each others backs no matter what. We had created one of "those" friendships, I think, every girl should have.

Lizzie and her man.

I chose this photograph one, because I love that this guy right here has made one of my best friends so happy.  He's for sure, her other half.  Two, because I knew Luke would just love me for sharing his face with all who read my blog.  And three, because Lizzie just looks gorgeous...but she always does.

I remember before Lizzie got her job as a teacher, we would talk all.the.time.  I loved it.  I remember one night, it was probably around 10:00pm and Lizzie text me.  My husband asked who was texting me and I told him it was Lizzie.  He cracked me up by saying he wished he had a friend who text me all the time like Lizzie and I did.  haha.  Who wouldda thunk?  

I don't really have a purpose to this post.  Simply to put that I really just love my Lizzie girl.  I miss her.  I know we only live two hours apart, but when one of you works full time, the other has two children and we both have husbands two hours seems like it might as well be clear on the other side of the country.  She's one of the greatest friends a girl could really ever ask for.  really.  I'm so blessed to know her.

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