Friday, November 9, 2012

So where do I begin?
Let's start with a little recap of what's happened lately..
Last Monday I went in for my routine monthly ultrasound.
Found out my cervix was partially funneled and very short, a one.
Reason for Corbin's premature delivery--discovered!
I have an incompetent cervix.
So Tuesday October 30th I received a cerclage surgery.
I got a spinal tap and my doctor stitched me on up.
Now I go in for an internal ultrasound once a week to make sure the stitches are holding.
So far, so good.
I also started on progesterone shots.
Oh.  I was also put on bedrest.  Yep.  Can't go back to work until December.
I know I need to do whatever I can to keep this little babe in for as long as my body will let me
but it's not easy.  But He never said life would be easy, now did He?

I feel extremely grateful that everything is and has been working out financially and in every other way,
for me to stay home for an entire four weeks.  For this very crucial stage of development for the babe.
Corbin was born at 27 weeks, which Kaden will be 27 weeks on Wednesday.
Corbin thrived in the NICU, weighing in at 2lbs 7oz at birth was really good for a 27 weeker.
I want to get Kaden to at least 32 weeks.
Obviously we're shooting for full term, but anywhere in the 30 weeks is better than in the 20's.
As of now everything is going smoothly.
Kaden likes to move and kick... A LOT.
He is soo much more active than Corbin was.  I hope that's not an insight to how he'll be when he's born! ha.
As far as symptoms go, I've stopped taking my zofran and feel pretty good.
The only time I really feel nauseated is if I don't eat for a while,
but when I do eat I feel like I have nowhere to put it!
After eating a sandwhich I feel like my belly is going to literally pop! I need more room!! ha
I've gained 20lbs thus far, making me 120lbs!  That's too much for my little body to carry!

This little man is my world.
I love him so much.
We're having a pajama day today. 
I usually put him in at least some sweats, but he just looks so cozy, and it's a cozy kind of day today.
Seriously, I could not have asked for a sweeter little boy.
He's the greatest.
It's simple really.  I love being a mom to a boy, and I am so very excited to be having another one.
Yes, it would be fun to have a girl one day, especially because I have the cutest name picked,
but.  I would be completely fine with having all boys.
My husband is a different story.
He insists that he needs daughters.  We'll see what happens. 
Anywho, Corbin has been my buddy while on bedrest.  
He's such a goof and I love him.  immensely. 

Random note:  we're moving into our new place in ONE WEEK!  
Can you tell I'm excited?
We've been in this apartment since November 2009, three years!  We've not moved once.
It's been a great apartment. No complaints other than the fact that we've been surrounded on all sides
by smokers.  They all smoke.  Even if someone new moves in.  They smoke too.
There's no escaping it.  They smoke, a lot.
Everytime we go to open our windows to let the beautiful fresh air in we realize, well,
the air aint so fresh around us.  So the windows get closed.  blasted.
Our new place is a townhome, which we've wanted for a while now.
We've always said our steps would be: apartment, townhome, home.  Let's hope the next step is just that.
Our own home!


  1. that is crazy about your cervix, i am glad they were able to fix it though and that it's all holding up well. hopefully your next little guy decides to stay in there a lot longer than corbin. lucky you having this be your first time moving in 3 years. in the 3 years we have been married we have moved four times, yuck ha. anyways, good luck with the move and the baby! :)