Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pregnancy Differences

Pregnant with Corbin:

*throwing up on a daily basis until about 20 weeks
*craved salty plain potato chips, pickles, watermelon
*carried really low

Pregnancy baby #2:

*at 13weeks4days I've only thrown up 3 times total thus far.
*so so so tired all.the.time
*If I am up and about not even doing much hard work, I feel as if I've run a marathon
*my belly isn't the only thing that is big right now, if you know what I mean! 
*crave salad, fruit, potatoes, cheese, chocolate anything, sweets.  Can't stand the salty plain potato chips. (gag)
*not really far enough along to tell if I'm carrying high or low, but I feel like I'm carrying a little higher already than with Corbin.

So my pregnancies thus far have been so so different.  With Corbin I was never tired like I am with this one.  My little ladies didn't get too big.  Never had to go past a small size B I'm contemplating buying a bigger bra already!  I crave more sweet than salty this go around.  But I still have no gut feeling with this one.  I refer to our little babe as she/her, whereas with Corbin, before I knew, I referred to him as a he.  I know that they say if your pregnancy is different then you are going to have the opposite gender, but I know far too many people who have had really different pregnancies and wound up with the same gender.  So here's to finding out in 1 week and 6 days!!

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