Thursday, July 19, 2012

baby #2 welcome!

After much thought I've decided to come back to blogging.  Why?  Mostly because since becoming pregnant the second time around I wish I would have kept better record of my first pregnancy.  I've written little things about this pregnancy here and there in my journal, but I want to keep pictures and more detailed record of this one so if/when we get pregnant again I can look back and compare.  Also just to have and maybe give to my children one day.  So here is to being back!

(Pardon my dirty mirror...)

I wasn't this poked out until about 15 weeks with Corbin.  I remember trying to poke it out even at that there is no poking out.  I did just eat in this photo, but for the most part...i've pretty much "popped" already!

Today I am 9 weeks and 4 days along.  I've been sick since week 6.  I'm on zofran which helps so much, but doesn't take the constant nausea everything tastes and smells bad feeling away-unfortunately.  With Corbin I remember I couldn't keep anything down, at least this time I can do that much.  Mornings are by far the worst.  I used to love getting into bed at night, and now, I kind of don't look forward to it, because I know when I wake up I'm going to be miserable.  At least I'm not sick just because I'm sick.  At the end of it all I will be holding a new little baby.  A beautiful baby to add to our little family of three.

No everyday cravings yet... but I do love strawberries, peaches and raspberries right now!

One thing I absolutely love right now, sleep.  
I can never get enough of it.
Which doesn't come often being pregnant while taking care of a two year old.
A crazy. cute. little two year old.

Speaking of my crazy cute little two year old, last week we spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital with him. Tuesday I went to a work staff meeting around 6:00pm and half way through I get a call from my husband telling me he took Corbin to the ER.  I rushed out of my meeting to meet up with my boys in the hospital.  Corbin ended up having a hernia on his groin area.  It was soooo swollen and big.  He was in sooo much pain.  After several hours the ER doctor pushed the hernea back in.  He then told us to make an appointment with a surgeon to get it 100% fixed.  Until we could get into the surgeon to try and keep Corbin laying down, because if he's up moving around it will make the hernea pop back out.  (yeah okay do realize he is TWO, right?  There is no such thing as two year olds laying down for 5 days before we can get in. But thanks.)

The next evening when Aaron was at work my mom and I were home with Corbin.  All of a sudden around 6 or 7pm  Corbin stood in the middle of the living room and screamed bloody murder.  We couldn't even move him or he would cry in pain.  It was bad.  He was shaking.  We called the ER and told them.  They told us to come back in and they would push it back in.  Okay....NO!  If we come back in you need to give my child emergency surgery.  It's just going to pop back out and the surgeon cant see us for another week!  We headed on our way out to the ER, they tried to push it back luck.  So we were scheduled for an AM emergency surgery.  We stayed over night in the Pediatric Unit.  The next morning, after little sleep, I woke up puking and sooo sick.  So Aaron went with Corbin in the ambulance to the other hospital where the surgery would be performed and I met up with him.  Seeing them wheel Corbin off on the stretcher, and I wasn't going with broke my heart.  I was bawling.  My put to sleep... The surgery took about an hour and a half.  Little man was so groggy and out of it when we went in and saw him when he got out of surgery.  We spent the rest of the day and night back in the Pediatric unit and went home the next morning.  Now Corbin is back to his happy little self like nothing ever happened.  What a trooper!

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  1. I am so so so happy that you are blogging again! Yay! I'm sorry about you little Corbin! :( What is a hernia? Is it common? He is a doll... even when he is pain! Hope you start feeling lots better!